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DimWatt is a campaigning web site dedicated to keeping the lights on affordably, maintaining mobility and the UK’s position as a manufacturing power in a fast-changing world. We hope to bring together utility management personnel, academics, politicians, civil servants, professionals and concerned citizens who are committed to rational discussion and debate on the challenges facing UK's energy infrastructure today.

DimWatt's founders are...

Paul McClory

Paul McClory is an international businessman who has spent most of his career developing new environmental technologies from concept to market take-off. He has business interests in Europe, North America and Africa, mainly involved with small technology companies.

In the 1970’s he was responsible for the founding of Airship Industries in London, the relaunch of the modern airship industry.

He formed the Natural Energy Centre in London in 1980, a company dedicated to bringing a professional approach to the design and installation of solar panels and wind turbines. During this time he became a founder of Calorex Heat Pumps, now Europe’s biggest manufacturer of air source/ground source heat pumps.

In the 1990’s he was a founding  director and shareholder in Neo Materials Inc.,    now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and a major player in rare earths, key materials in wind turbines and electric cars, with annual sales of $300 million.

In 2003 he patented his discovery that high value food proteins could be recovered from oil seeds using low temperature extraction. This led to the foundation of BioExx Specialty Proteins, now listed on the Toronto Stock exchange.

In 2005 he formed a company, with partners, to develop Vernonia as a commercial oilseed crop in Ethiopia, for a variety of industrial uses. Vernonia is a unique source of naturally epoxidised oils. He subsequently discovered (and patented) the use of Vernonia oil for the treatment of a number of skin diseases.

He is the author of two books for children, Alternative Energy and Focus on Alternative Energy, both published in England in the 1980’s.



Hugh Sharman (Editor):

Hugh Sharman has over thirty years of expertise in providing consultancy services to industries and governments in the fields of energy and the environment and in particular the environmental and economic effects arising from the use of energy.

He was the main author for the recently published report “Wind Energy – The Case of Denmark” published by the Danish think tank CEPOS.  His current commercial focus is on the use of stationary electricity storage for integrating intermittent energy sources into grid systems. Most of his work in this area is on behalf of PD Energy which is developing the vanadium redox battery.

Over a long life, working in many countries, his activities in energy have ranged from oil and gas, upstream and downstream, the founding of the United Kingdom’s first renewable energy company during the 1970s, power station sales in the Caribbean, the environmentally acceptable use of low grade, low cost coals and refinery residual fuels for power generation and within refineries, advice to a Middle Eastern National Oil company in successfully developing the World’s largest CDM for gas flare reduction in the Middle East, to novel, large-scale applications for renewable energy, post 2000.

He is the owner and managing director of Incoteco (Denmark) ApS, (www.incoteco.com)