DimWatt.eu Links
  • AEP - Association of UK electricity producers
  • The Oil Drum - The oil and gas web site and open blog for energy professionals concerned over peak oil
  • Odac - Delivers an excellent newsletter round-up of significant energy events around the World
  • EEF - The lobbying organisation of UK's intensive energy users
  • MEUC -  (Major Energy Users Council) the lobbying and industrial information organisation for many industrial and commercial energy users
  • OPEC - The Vienna-based organisation of oil exporting states
  • Nationalgrid - UK's (monopoly) transmission system operator
  • OFGEM - UK's energy regulator
  • ENA - The UK's energy networks association
  • Scientific Alliance - The Alliance brings together both scientists and non-scientists committed to rational discussion and debate on the challenges facing the environment today.
  • www.europeanenergyreview.eu
  • www.adlittle.com/
  • awordaboutwind.com
  • www.pfbach.dk