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Climate change

co2_molecule.pngThe “climate change tail” is wagging "the energy dog”

We at Dimwatt will be agnostic over the physical contribution that man makes towards global warming, if indeed, that is happening. No matter what happened in the past, the UK's current global contribution to global man-made CO2 is less than 2% and diminishing rapidly. Last year, the UK, still a major industrial power, consumed just 40 million tons or 1.1% of global coal. By comparison, in recent years, China’s annual use of coal is rising towards almost 3 billion tons, with an annual increase pushing 200 million tons per year. Its current global share of coal consumption is 43%. China’s and India’s combined coal consumption is 50% of the World’s.

We are, above all, practical people who believe that saving energy and reducing dependence upon depleting resources is, as it always was, simply, old-fashioned, good husbandry. We applaud and support technical innovations that will make better use of scarce energy resources; there is nothing new about that. In fact because, as you will see in other parts of this web site, we expect fossil fuel resources to become relatively scarce very soon in the new decade, using these more sparingly is one of our highest priorities.

We will be respectful of genuine scientific research on “climate change” but will give equal credence to the findings of those whose findings disagree with the so-called IPCC “consensus”. We are dismayed by the strident and insulting language used by many “consensus scientists” towards those no less scientifically qualified “dissidents”, even if they form a minority for the time being.

Our recommendations for a reconfigured energy infrastructure that will use less energy will apply irrespective of whether the somewhat over-wrought theatre of climate change debate continues or not. Sadly, for the last twenty years, theatricals have become a surrogate for the immediate and achievable need for fixing Britain’s energy system. Our politicians’ rhetoric and the passing of “legally binding” climate change commitments remains world class.

But as the winter of 2009 – 2010, the truly radical action that has been needed has been close to non-existent; Britain’s and the globe’s environment remain unaware of our cacophonous rhetoric.

The “energy dog” now needs to be back in charge of the “climate change” tail.

Precautionary principles, including those driving “climate change” awareness, deserve informed respect. But until now, those leading the debate over "climate change" have almost completely ignored the much more important and imminent likelihood that absolute limits to the rate at which fossil fuels might be extracted can be expected during the decade we are entering.  There is a possibility of this happening before the general election that takes place after the 2010 election.

Limits to the extraction of fossil fuels will place, ipso facto, clear limits to CO2 emissions!

What should matter most to UK political leaders is to steer Britain through this maelstrom, causing the least possible damage to its people, while taking due but proportional note of what will take place in the rest of the World, as a consequence.

We will assume that it is our duty to prioritize where we place our extremely limited and deeply constrained funds for renewing Britain’s energy infrastructure but keeping it functioning will be the top priority. Only then can we retain a society with the wherewithal openly to develop study and debate such concerns. Without a sound energy system, such freedoms of thought and expression will become unthinkable luxuries in the face of general energy poverty and daily hardship. Politicians need and deserve the help of DimWatt and we will help all that we can and are allowed to.

We are optimistic that with the huge talent and experience that the British people can contribute, we can establish what needs to be done in a truly democratic manner. But above all, with that decided, we will be committed to getting it done!