A Stark Warning from Germany
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012

We are grateful to Dipl Ing Michael Limburg, editor at http://www.eike-klima-energie.eu/ for his kind permission to post this seminal piece on Germany.

For those of you who think our desire to campaign for rescinding the Climate Change Act and the rejection of the 20-20-15 commitment is unnecessary hyperbole, we must recall that the German Renewable Energy Law (the EEG) has only been in place since 2000. 

It is the legal instrument that (so far) has taken probably upward of €100 billion so far (and counting) out of German consumers' pockets to fund those parts of the energy scheme described in this paper.  The systems are clearly almost impossible to integrate into Germany's system without further huge expenditure.

To "balance" this, we attach the responsible Minister Gabriel's much glossier 2007 publication, informing us all what a splendid success it had all been (until 2008). 

Our UK readers can decide for yourselves which of the two viewpoints are most convincing and whether we have any reason to be complacent that "British fudge" will moderate the rate of spending "required" by strict conformity to the Climate Change Act and the 20-20-15 targets.  We, at DimWatt, believe that any attempt to fudge UK developments will be pinned to the wall by Blair's children, the legal eager-beavers who have every intention to use the law to sabotage nuclear energy developments

see http://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/2140258/legal-challenge-threatens-uks-nuclear-plans

The same lobby has already this year demonstrated the power to use the law in rolling back the UK Government's attempt to control the rate of spending on solar feed-in tariffs.

Please let us all take a good, hard look at Germany, which is adhering strictly to the laws that will almost certainly strangle its enormous industrial success! Then draw your own conclusions about what must be done in the UK!


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