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How the Good Ship Energy Policy is Drifting onto the Jagged Rocks of the Three Great Truths
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Saturday, 02 April 2011

Aggreko ( is one of the UK's most successful companies, exporting standby and base load power machinery all over the World.  One of its its specialities is to sell or rent emergency generation equipment to national power systems, usually in developing countries, when these are unable to deliver sufficient power to meet demand. Aggreko certainly understands electricity systems.

So the speech given by its Chief Executive, Rupert Soames, to the Scottish Parliament last November, in which he warned that "The problem is that sooner or later the happy passengers on the good ship Energy Policy will meet the jagged rocks of the Three Great Truths of electricity generation and supply." is a shot across the bows the policy makers.

Find out what are those "Three Great Truths" by reading, or even better, watching Mr Soames deliver the whole speech. It is profound and also witty. As the Great Man's grandson, it is truly Churchillian. It seems that great oratory can be inherited!

Watch the speech here or read it by pressing the read more link.


EU threatens to cut off its nose to spite our collective face
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The political turmoil in Middle East is highlighting just how tenuous our vital energy supplies are.

The price of crude oil has just passed $100/b, and threatens to rise much further, for lack of any other fungible oil. 

The EU, it appears, has chosen just this moment to pick a fight with Canada, a friend, an ally and a secure, important and reliable energy supplier, over the carbon footprint of tar sand.

We at DimWatt will do our best to remain polite to and respectful of the more thoughtful proponents of the still unproven theory that man's activities have caused the tiny global warming observed since the 1960s.

All the same, we can hardly believe that these unelected EU Commissioners are being paid by us to look after the interests of all Europeans when there is such crass and unfathomable foolishness afoot. We hope that the UK's governing Coalition will move quickly and decisively to confirm that the UK has no part in any moves that will worsen our historic and important relations with Canada.

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DECC invites you to participate
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Thursday, 16 December 2010

Readers at DimWatt will all be aware that the UK Coalition is finally biting the bullet that New Labour was too timid, (cowardly is a better word), to address, namely the long overdue and thorough reform of the rules for energy trading.

You can read DECC's invitation to participate at

DimWatt intends to be a proactive participant in the upcoming consultation process.

DECC announces major changes to NETA/BETTA
Written by Hugh Sharman   
Monday, 01 February 2010

So at last, just a few weeks before the election, HMG discovers that NETA/BETTA needs reform! Better late than never! Let's only hope the Tories, Lib/Dems and others contribute usefully towards this long overdue initiative so that the vital matter of reforming this deeply flawed trading framework can continue in a non-partisan spirit whomsoever is unfortunate enough to win on 6th May.

We had actually been concerned that the much needed shredding of NETA/BETTA and the consequent and equally needed reform of energy trading would be delayed until long after the election.

We consider this realisation to be giant step in the right direction.

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