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Realigning UK energy policy: does the government have the will?
Written by Nick White, Murray Hartley and Kirsty Ingham of Arthur D Little   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011
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It is becoming ever clearer to us at DimWatt that the Climate Change Act, passed by almost the whole of Parliament in February 2008, was an act of collective madness. The "legal" (if absolutely arbitrary) 20-20-20 obligations agreed by Blair at the EU, impose incoherence on the development of any rational energy policy development ever since.

All the current DECC consultations, not least the present Electricity Market Reform (EMR) consultation, bear testament to this.

The ETS has been hijacked by criminals on a scale that makes €million bank robberies seem a minor infraction while Euro response is limp, to say the least. The UK must withdraw from this.

We recognise that the Trade associations, both on energy production as well as energy consuming sides of the equation, are governed by narrow, "secular" concerns. But among them are surely far-sighted "patriots" who can see the enormous risk to the economy (therefore their UK assets, family futures etc) posed by simply "going along" with the "official" line.

Sadly, we are reminded of that famous Irish joke

Paddy stopped cutting the hedge as the big car drew up beside him and an English visitor enquired, 

"Could you tell me the way to Balbriggan, Please?"
Paddy wiped his brow. 

"Certainly, sor. If you take the first road to the left? no still that wouldn't do? drive on for about four miles then turn left at the crossroads? no that wouldn't do either."
Paddy scratched his head thoughtfully.

"You know, sor, if I was going to Balbriggan I wouldn't start from here at all."

The Coalition is simply unable to develop a rational and affordable energy policy from where it has been left by New Labour.

We now urge the Coalition to gather up the necessary courage to rescind foolish legislation and detach UK policy from completely impractical and unaffordable "legal" commitments, in time to save our energy planning process from these unnecessary strictures.

We were impressed by the paper Arthur D Little's UK office published September 2010 at

http://www.europeanenergyreview.eu/index.php?id=2321 and which we have permission to reproduce in its entirety at DimWatt. This article can also be downloaded here:

icon Realigning_UK_energy_policy (59.8 kB)


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